Heart Check Up

Heart Check Up

By Michael Reeve J. Sogo-an

Sons of Confucius Philosophical Club

Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary

As I ruminated upon if what I am going to write as an article of the Sheng Shen Ji Kung Fu Tze in the Candle Light, I said to myself, “What? Another gruelling work?!” I was tired of so many games and practices. Last week, we had our seminary week celebration wherein, we participated in the annual literary musical contest and of course the various games. In my desire to have a central theme for this article, the initial things that came into of my mind were the happenings of the seminary week celebration. For the information of everybody, this yearly Intramurals has been a venue for fostering camaraderie, sportsmanship, and maturity among seminarians through sports and cultural activities. The Open House and Literary Musical Contest, on the other hand, has been an opportunity for family members, benefactors, relatives, friends and guests to be acquainted with our life as seminarians, as we prepare ourselves for the priesthood. In this annual celebration, we actually unveiled the role of the seminary as the heart of the Archdiocese.

The strand of this year’s exhibit along the pasilios of the seminary was to revitalize the essential role of the seminary in the local church. Since seminary is considered as the heart of the archdiocese, the priests are the blood which is distributed throughout the parishes, as organs of the archdiocese, the living body of Christ. Hence, it is indispensable that the formation of the seminarians, the latent blood, should be precise and rigorous. The formation should also be meticulous and appropriately piloted because this will affect their persons and being as a priests someday and even their present state as a discerners of vocation to the priesthood.

These characterizations of how vital the formation of a discerner implies a certain perspective wherein, the latent blood or the discerner nowadays continue to decrease in number. This ostensible reality has become a worldwide phenomenon; it is not only happening in the Europe or in Americas or in other parts of the globe but also in our archdiocese. Frankly speaking, the college seminarians are now only 32 in number. A quantity, that is far behind the demands for priests in the different parishes of our archdiocese in the near future.  It is also important to note that not all of these 32 will pursue a theological formation, hence, the local church must now respond to this seemingly difficult condition. Aware of this reality, we are utilizing all possible means to campaign for more vocations to the priesthood. However, the youth of today, specifically young men, could not detach themselves from the enticements of experienced technological advancements and pleasures that they simply find it hard to listen to the voice that speaks from within. They indulge themselves with worldly clamors in order to avoid the possibility of confronting one’s self in the midst of silence. Since God speaks in the silence of our hearts, some of the young men of this present time are not allowing themselves to listen to His call and to His incitements that could have been substantial in attaining holiness of life and disinterested service.

Confucius once said that, “Everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees what is the highest among them.” So, Confucius affirmed that we have been lured by the worldly things and forgot to pause for a moment and reflect upon our utmost priorities. You may say that I am idiosyncratic in my standpoint, because I insisted on the highest way of responding to the call of priesthood; however, if one want’s to appreciate his labors, he must learn how to sacrifice for himself. As seminarians, we are always finding means to rejuvenate the “life of being what we are” in order that others may find an inspiration from us, so that they too  may learn to be attentive in answering God’s invitation.

I am pretty sure that we are very much aware of the situation of our church right now, and so, we have to ask ourselves, “How’s the heart?” The heart is now lacking of latent blood that will be propelled throughout the body. “In what manner can we help?” By donating or giving our blood to furnish the church, the mystical body of Christ. The seminary/heart will always be there just waiting for the latent blood/discerners to respond to the call. As long as the church continues to subsist, the seminary will be always be formidable enough to welcome young men who desire priesthood. As the gospel passage would testify it, we Christians must continue to pray to the Lord of harvest to send more laborers into his vineyard.

To the readers of this weekly publication of our parish may you always buoy up and consider always the need of priests that will be prophets who will respond to the signs of times.

Edited by:       Rev. Fr. Philipp Vincent S. Sinco

Editor, Candle Light

Vol. XX No. 38 October 3-9, 2010

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